Chi mi a-rithist thu (I’ll see you again)

Our last day dawned – grey, breezy but dry… at first. Florence again decided to miss sunrise and take a walk around Tarbert instead. I took the minibus to Traigh Mhor beach. I’d visited it last year a couple of times, both times at low tide on a warm early summer evening. This morning was about as different as you could get. It was grey, misty, windy and cold. The rain had returned and was blowing off the sea into our faces. For the first twenty minutes my camera stayed in the bag. I stared at the sea, watching the waves, sometimes having to step back when a big wave came further up the beach. After a while the rain stopped and I set up my tripod for a few images then tried a few handheld shots low over the waves. Quite soon the rain returned and we decided to return to the hotel early for breakfast. Meanwhile Florence had wandered round downtown Tarbert and taken some shots of grey buildings and colourful front doors.

When we left for Stornoway Airport, the clouds were hanging low over the hills and little waterfalls had appeared alongside the road; the rain continued. The island still looks beautiful in these conditions, the colours of the gorse and heather become richer. There is water everywhere, lochs and streams, waterfalls and pools, occasional distant views to the sea.

We had about an hour to wait for the short flight to Glasgow then another few hours before the flight to Gatwick. The descent into Glasgow was a little bumpy in places. It’s clear from the air that the city ends quite suddenly and the hills and forests aren’t far away.

The week has been really enjoyable, the light and conditions have generally been good and Harris is one of the best locations for landscape photography anywhere; its a great place without a camera too. I certainly hope to be back here soon.

2 thoughts on “Chi mi a-rithist thu (I’ll see you again)”

  1. What dramatic photos. You caught Harris at a really good time while the days are still long enough and the weather dramatic. Incredible colours. What’s your verdict on the single malts you tasted this time?

    1. It was great, can’t wait to go back. Didn’t have a bad one, particularly liked Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Finlaggan.

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