Never stop exploring

We thoroughly enjoyed writing about our day, each day. It made us think about what we saw, the people we met and the adventures we had. And now, we have wonderful memories, which we’re hoping to convert into a book.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be sorting a lot of photos. We’re also planning to post a few round ups (e.g. country highlights, booking information and new photos).

We’ve already decided to continue our¬†Explorers of the World blog. Of course, it’s completely up to you whether you continue to follow our adventures. We hope you will; we’ve enjoyed the comments and the many reactions we’ve had so far.

To give you a taste of what’s to come. 2017 will see us taking a few city breaks (Stockholm, Berlin and Edinburgh); exploring Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia and going on a landscape photography trip to Harris (Scotland).

For now, it only remains for us to announce our competition winner. We’ve loved every single comment, and the discussions which ensued. We’ve loved sharing this wonderful world of ours with you all.

Our competition winner put a lot of work into it – with 135 comments, a mixture of information, stories, weather warnings to keep us safe and just the right amount of admiration.

Julian has blotted his copy book. The rum is all mine, all mine!

That’s right Chris. The rum is all yours. Congratulations! You just have to wait for our box to arrive in the UK (er, it hasn’t left Auckland yet).

4 thoughts on “Never stop exploring”

  1. it was all great fun. I’ve a stack of books to read now that have been on hold. Bring on Stockholm!

  2. Oh, glad this is continuing. I was about to post something about the void in my life as one of my ‘go to’ websites had discontinued. Chris is throughout deserving of the rum.

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