Mexico City

En route to Mexico City

From the air, Mexico City (or the City as locals refer to it) goes on for ever. It’s quite something.

Here are two things I remembered from school: it’s a metropolis and it’s 80 kms long. Chatting to our guide Miguel today, we learnt new crazy facts: over 25 million people live here, it’s more like 100 kms these days, the city is sinking. And life here can only described as chaotic.

Back to last night. We landed with some delay due to turbulence but after that, things happened quickly. From immigration, to collecting our bags, clearing customs (Andy was feeling lucky so he pushed the button and got green so we went through; you get red, your bags get searched) and sorting out an authorised taxi to the hotel took less than an hour. Not bad hey? I declared this the second most efficient airport I have used (with Helsinki claiming top spot).

The drive to the Hotel Metropol, our base for the next few nights, took just over 30 minutes. The streets were teaming with life – street food stalls, bars and restaurants with small doors offering the briefest glimpse of what was inside.

We got the key to our room, dumped our bags and with a full day sightseeing ahead of us did what any sensible person would do and headed to the bar.

Welcome to Mexico!

Meet our best new friend

Xochipilli, our new BFF

Granted, we haven’t met him as such yet but I think we’re going to get along just fine.

We managed to find an hour spare today and used it to visit room 27 of the British Museum.

Call it research, call it getting in the mood. It was a good hour spent, and already we’ve learnt a few things about some of the places we’re going to travel through. And we’ve got a new friend.

Xochipilli was an Aztec solar deity, and the patron of feasting, music, dancing and poetry.

Bubbles and Sparkles

Bubbles and sparkles

What do you do when you have a week to go, you’re all packed and all the urgent items on your to do list have been ticked off?


We had our leaving drinks last night. We met up with friends in a local pub last night for a few drinks, and a few more.

It’s been pretty intense these last two months or so, and it felt like a real treat to be out and about… having nothing to do but catch up with people.

A big thank you to all you lovely people who made it last night. Thanks for making it a fun evening. Anyone else feeling a tad tired today?

Next stop: Auckland, New Zealand

Seven Seas box

Wow. This is really happening.

Our box is off to New Zealand. It left today, and should get there a week before us.

And whilst its departure fills us with a slight sense of panic ( ** this is really happening **), I am glad to see the back of it!

What do we need to pack? What will we want to wear in three months? Have we forgotten anything? How cold/hot will it be? Am I allowed to bring in a packet of mini cheddars?

And… you’d think it’s be easy to pack up a box. But to find the right box to put in the box, that’s another story.

Farewell box. See you on the other side.

And then… two weeks to go


The first decision we made when we realised we were a ‘thing’ was to book a trip.

We went to Oban (Scotland) for a week. We followed that up with two weeks in Spain, two weeks in Greece and a long weekend in New York… and then a week in Yemen, two weeks in Cuba and three weeks in Vietnam.

And there you have it. The essence of us. Travel. This is what we do.

So… naturally, when we had a big anniversary coming up, we didn’t think about which restaurant to book for the occasion, or what gift(s) to get each other. We opted to take a career break and go travelling.

Our journey starts in Mexico City in two weeks time. But you could argue that it started many many years ago… when we realised we were a ‘thing’.