Red barn door

No sunrise shoot this morning. Clouds and rain meant that we had an extra 30 minutes in bed. Yeah!

Full vegetarian Scottish breakfast and tea. And ready to hit the road. We were against a deadline today – heavy rain was forecast for the afternoon, and we had a few spots we wanted to get to before then.

We drove to the west coast of North Harris. The landscape is stunning in a desolate way. We had the road to ourselves, mostly, but we still had to make use of the passing places every now and then.

We spent a few minutes at a scenic view point. Our second stop had something for everyone – a rusty boat; wild flowers; patterns on rock; sheep and a red barn door. Which I loved. I could have spent all day at that one spot, but too soon it was time to move on.

But that’s okay, because around the corner we came across a herd of Scottish moos. Lovely things they are.

We pressed on, passing through Bunabhainneadar. A tall brick tower on a shore is now all that remain of a whaling station. The road next takes you through a set of gates, and it seems that we were on private grounds… but no, this is the main road, and it passes right in front of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle. Quite surreal.

Our final destination was Huisinish beach. Looking at the water and the sand, you could be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere else altogether. It reminded me of French Polynesia. The main differences would be the landscape around us (mountains and lochs), the fact that we had layers and layers of clothes on, and of course, the temperature of the water. But it was a fun place to spend an hour or so. The red barn (held together with gaffa tape); rusty bits; patterns in the sand; bits of seaweed and wave bubbles. As the wind picked up and the rain started, we headed to a newly community-built shelter for… shelter, and warmth. With large windows facing the beach, this was the perfect place to have our packed lunch.

Back at the hotel for a hot drink, and then the idea was for the group to split in two. One group was going to go back out to photograph the shapes and colours of Luskentyre beach, and the other group was staying put for a photo processing session. But then the rain hit, so everyone attended the processing workshop.

Pre-dinner drinks in the bar, dinner, post-dinner drinks in the bar.

Slàinte mhath!

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  1. Those moos definitey have a bit of a rumpled look. As if they’d had a night on the Finlaggan.

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